Breathe Into Bliss™

Yoga Tools for Emotional Healing

Breathe Into Bliss is a program for Emotional Healing that explores many Methods for using yoga as a tool to help navigate life in such a way that you have better understanding/awareness of your personal patterns and how to start making the changes needed to live the life you desire. Part I is an In-Depth Study of  the Psychology Behind the Chakra System and applies these principles to facilitate emotional healing. Part II Explores The 5 Klesha's "5 Causes of Suffering", showing us where we hold ourselves back due to life environment and limited and clouded thinking.  Part III explores Recovery and is a method to work in such a way we incorporate the 12 Steps.  We also offer Weekly Series classes at least once a year.

  • For Teachers and Serious Students:  (15 CEU credits for teachers)
  • This course is the foundation for our other Emotional Healing Programs and Mandatory for our Breathe into Recovery Certification
  • Tuition is $195

Emotional trauma trapped in the Energy Body manifests itself into physical and mental disease. Breathe into Bliss Workshops have been developed to leave you with a greater understanding of the Energy Body and informational materials for keeping your chakras cleansed and blissed out (as they should be). We will explore the physical, as well as the psychological issues associated with each chakra. Each routine supplied in the program targets a specific chakra and offers asana, meditation, mantras, and/or activities leaving you with a healing Tool Box to practice yourself and/or share with others.

What We Cover

An Overview of The Subtle or Energy Body: Learn to feel and cleanse energy on others. The Developmental Psychology of the Chakra System Pranayama For the Chakras Sound Therapy: Bija (seed) Sound Meditation & Singing Bowl Meditation for the Chakras Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Exercises for Balancing the Chakras Tips For Developing Your own Chakra Based Yoga Practice and/or Class

Required Books

  • Western Mind, Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith
  • Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss, PH.D.

Suggested Reading

  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Eastern Body
  • Chakra Meditation: Discover Energy, Creativity, Focus, Love, Communication, Wisdom, and Spirit by Swami Saradanda