Breathe Into Awareness

Student Feedback


Leila Cranford, RYT 500

Teacher training at Breathe was one of the richest experiences of my life.  The curriculum is solid and, in fact, really goes above and beyond.  I have worked hard to build a reputation as a teacher with a special affinity for working with beginning yogis and those experiencing injury and illness, and that reputation is staked in my 200-hr certification process and experience working with DeAnna.  There was no question, then, I would continue to pursue my advanced certification at Breathe into Awareness as well, specializing in yogic philosophy.  My personal and teaching practices are well-rounded, mindful and robust because of my studies with and work alongside DeAnna.  I would confidently steer anyone who is looking to teach or pursue a deeper practice to Breathe into Awareness's programs. 

Julie Diebold, MEd, LPC, RYT

When looking for a place to practice yoga and a “home base” to complete my 500 hr teacher training program- I discovered Breathe into Awareness has everything I looked all over the Metroplex to find. DeAnna is a true “teacher’s teacher.”  She is warm, supportive and encouraging. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge of the ancient practice of yoga, she is one of the most creative individuals I have the pleasure of knowing. Her passion for healing and helping has fostered a very authentic sense of community at Breathe into Awareness. A real sense of openness and acceptance graces the studio and can be felt by every student who practices there.

DeAnna walks the walk – both on and off the yoga mat. She cares deeply about each and every student as an individual. She is a wonderful example of giving back to the community, and often teaches “Seva,” or selfless service- simply through demonstrating her own commitments to causes, such as raising money for MS by cycling.

DeAnna has surrounded herself with gifted teachers who are dedicated to sharing their passion for yoga. I am continuously amazed at the depth of knowledge they demonstrate, and no matter who is teaching class, I always learn something new !  I feel blessed to have found a studio that has something for everyone- and manages to teach such varied  facets of an ancient practice in a modern, light-hearted way!

Melanie Hensel, RYT 200

While other programs are only a few months, I liked that Breathe into Awareness's program was longer. It allowed for more information to be covered.  I found the training program at Breathe into Awareness to be extremely comprehensive. Not only does it cover asana cues but anatomy and how to modify for injuries or for those who are less have flexibility or strength. The program at Breathe into Awareness covers a lot of safety issues both emotional and physical. I loved how each weekend covered a charka and it's coordinating asana's. I found the handouts, assigned books and assignments to be informative and purposeful. They provided a great foundation. I always left with a tremendous amount of information to absorb and process.

The environment at Breathe into Awareness is warm, nurturing, and welcoming which allows for open discussion without the fear of being judged or ostracized. All of the teachers were always available for questions and general support. I had a great experience last year and I can't think of anything I would change.  It is clear that you practice what you teach which one of many reasons why you are a great teacher.

Debbie Simon E-RYT 200, RYT 500

The 200 hour teacher training program at Breathe into Awareness took me from a person only interested in the physical part of yoga, to a person who came face to face with my true self outside of simple exterior.  The revelations were astounding and sometimes difficult, but made me thirsty for more.  As I made my way through the 500 hour training program, more and more depth was revealed about this fascinating life journey known as yoga. Because of Breathe into Awareness teacher training program and my own desire to learn more, I not only feel more confident in my ability to properly and safely teach asana, I feel confident in sharing the deeper aspects as well, including the energy body, pranyama, and meditation. This has benefited not only my students, but has given me my own truth as well.

Dawn Maynor - RYT 200

My experience with teacher training at Breathe into Awareness was very fulfilling, and lead me to new amazing adventures! It helped me to begin leading a life in the exact way that I want! I started the training just to learn more about yoga, and graduated from the program with so much more!  I truly looked forward to all the weekends that we shared together. My favorite was learning about the Chakras, and all the forms of meditation. 

Teresa Sprouse, RYT 200 – 2011

How to put in words a program that changed my life, made dreams come true and something I continue to benefit from every day. To say the teacher program is a wonderful program is an understatement.  As a new student to yoga myself I was very worried at the beginning that I would be left behind by these courses and that I might have been too ambitious.  But as this program teaches from the foundation up, which includes every level of student, I ALWAYS felt comfortable to honor where I was.  I learned that as my experience and practice evolve personally, I have the ability and knowledge to guide students of any level and to have the modifications to help anyone with their practice no matter where they are on their journey.  I also have that information as to where to aim my personal practice.  The philosophy of yoga, the energy body, anatomy and ayurveda were all presented as part of the course in a manner that made sense to long time practitioners as well as someone that had never had prior exposure to these subjects.  I could go on and on about how great this is and how long I searched before I found this wonderful program.

Tara Arrington

I started the Yoga teacher training at Breathe into Awareness as part of my personal journey; I was never sure that I wanted to teach yoga at all. I am so happy that I chose Breathe into Awareness because of the depth of the program. I learned a lot about the anatomy of each asana along with how to focus on people with injuries, in order to make everyone's yoga experience safe. The part of the program that enthralled me was the spiritual aspect, with special modules on the Bhagavad Gita and the inclusion of the energy body into every module, tying the physical body to the emotional body. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the people that lead the program, they are all wonderful people that actually listen to your point of view.

Elizabeth Salcido Aspirant RYT 200

During the Breathe into Awareness at Breathe into Awareness, we studied the aspects of the physical practice, the asanas, at a level of detail that makes even the most challenging postures accessible to all types of students.  We learned how to teach with awareness and consideration for beginners, students who have specific considerations (injury, pregnancy, etc.), and advanced practitioners alike.  We looked at the mechanics of the practice - the critical importance that skeletal and muscular alignment play in keeping your students injury-free.  

But it's not just about the asana.  We explored the realm of the energy body (chakras) and some ways to restore balance to the energetic imbalances that can affect the health and well-being of our students.  We studied Sanskrit, chanting, Ayurveda, sequencing, props, assisting, and so much more.

8 limbs:  we looked at each of them to understand the way our personal values and ethics combined with the disciplines of asana, breathing, and meditation practices can bring about the most amazing changes in ourselves. 

It's not just about the asana.  Take this wonderful, challenging, incredible journey with the exceptional instructors at Breathe into Awareness & be prepared to meet the most extraordinary teacher of all.  Yes, you. Submitted with much gratitude for the teaching.

200-HR Student

I am so happy to have been fortunate enough to go through my 200-hour teacher training at Breathe into Awareness and with the fabulous teachers and mentors who guided us.  DeAnna Nielsen is a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things yoga, from asanas to chakras, to Ayurveda and everything in between.  She taught us with grace and humor and led us on a journey of personal discovery and in depth learning.  I leave the program sad to be done, but with a 3 inch binder stuffed to the gills with information and references and a strong desire to learn more.  This program helped my own practice grow into a way of life and prepared me as a teacher.  I love teaching yoga, and could not imagine doing it without the strong foundation I received through the Breathe into Awareness Teacher Training Program.  Further, the additional instructors like Jan Guinn and Debbie Simon, provided us with a diverse and intensive knowledge in their specific areas of expertise as well.  All of the teachers have continued to act as mentors in my life, my practice and my own teaching.  Their knowledge is invaluable!  From my very first teaching experience I felt capable and knowledgeable to guide people through their own practices, to help them further explore yoga, and to prevent injuries.  I know that as a teacher, I have a huge responsibility and I am so grateful for the training I received.  I could not imagine going anywhere else and finding the vast knowledge and compassionate environment that has been created in this program.  If you want to teach yoga, or just want to delve into your own practice further, I highly recommend the Breathe into Awareness teacher training.

Karla Meyer

I came to this training knowing that I really wanted to teach but quickly realized after a few weekends it was so much more than that. If I never teach a class ever, my life and my yoga practice will never be the same. I was looking for something that was about more than just asanas. I enjoyed the focus on the energy body and the Ayurveda module was informative and easy to understand. The atmosphere at Breathe into Awareness is fun and friendly. When I made the decision to come here, I had never been to the studio and had only talked to DeAnna once on the phone. As soon as I walked in the door, someone came up to me, introduced themselves and made me feel at home. Several others did the same. Very accepting and nonjudgemental. The students in the training are at various levels in their yoga journey. It is interesting to hear their experiences and viewpoints.  Come wherever you are in your yoga/life journey. DeAnna is always available to answer questions both in and out of class.